Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Android Smart Phone at Prepaid Cell Rates

I heard that Virgin Mobile was releasing a true Smartphone but I was expecting there to be a monthly bill increase versus a regular Virgin Mobile phone. Amazingly, it's the same price.

Samsung Intercept first Android phone on Virgin Mobile Prepaid

In the late summer of 2010 Virgin put out a prepaid plan that started at $25 a month for unlimited text, data, web, etc, and 300 talk minutes (no free nights or weekends, sadly). I picked up the LG Rumor Touch for $129 which was actually a lot more powerful than I thought, but still not of the same class as an iPhone or an Android-based phone.

Normally a carrier charges a cell user $20-$30 a month just for the DATA, on top of the text and voice charges. With the Intercept on Virgin Mobile, it's $25 for data, unlimited text, and 300 minutes. That's just freaking amazing.

(No, I'm not a Sprint stockholder or anything. I'm just glad one company believes a smart phone should cost less than $30 a month.)

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