Sunday, November 14, 2010

Portable Workstation Setup

I've been testing a new computer setup for use when I'm working at libraries. I have a 13" Macbook, an iPad, and a Mi-Fi personal 3G wireless router.

I downloaded an app for my iPad that turns the iPad into a second monitor for a Mac, but it requires a Wi-Fi connection to work. So I've set up my Mi-Fi into a local router and I've connected both my Macbook and my iPad to that wireless network, so now I have a second "screen" and 3G Internet access.

Dual screens and 3G Internet pretty much anywhere in the states...

I think it's a great portable office setup :)


  1. Hey dave. to be a technical writer you have to think what if he's stuck there or here? If you do that I might find out what's missing when I follow all of your suggestions but the web site just says site under construction. Don't just make em bite make it taste good u freeking crackopotomous I've uploaded files and I've got a index html but what's it take to trigger a start page? I hate ur guts

  2. hey dave sorry for my angry comments before I guess this stuff is just complicated especially when you're learning html and u don't want to use the dreamweaver or anything